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March 30th, 2009

I recently came across an interesting website devoted to women and guns called Women of Caliber. The site has some great articles, some of which are aimed at women, some of which apply to everyone.

Here are a few excerpts that I particularly enjoyed.

Why We Fear Guns

The myth is that guns kill lots of people every year. The fact is they do, but typically in the hands of criminals. The biggest killer of our American citizens is medical errors, followed by heart disease, and then cancer. Seriously, statistically, doctors who cause death by dereliction are 9,000 times more dangerous than guns held by legal gun owners! And yet no one has ever run a news story that paints doctors and hospital staff in the same barbaric light as gun owners.

Lastly, there’s the myth is that a gun in the house will result in a fatal accident among children or others. The fact is if you don’t know how to use and be safe with a firearm, your chances of an accident happening are sky-high – not just in your home, but in the home of your neighbors whom your children visit. If you don’t know about firearms and their workings, how do you know you’ll act appropriately if you walk in on a child who has one in their hands? Education is the key. Curiosity and ignorance is a deadly combination and is what causes accidents. Not guns. Attempting to say as much is like saying that pencils cause spelling errors.

I’m completely accepting of the fact that someone chooses not to have a firearm so long as that person makes the decision with full knowledge of the facts rather than the myths. So please, get informed and then make your decision.

My Thoughts:
Yes accidents do happen, but if you prepare and educate yourself these accidents can be minimized to nearly zero. Like the article said, curiosity and ignorance lead to accidents, not guns. You wouldn’t let your curious toddler play with gasoline and matches, but you have them on your property don’t you? Education and preparation is the key.

Media Hype or Firearm Facts

Fact: According to FBI statistics, over 5,500 violent crimes are PREVENTED EVERY DAY by the mere presence of a firearm. So why are our newspapers and television screens only reporting the horrific scenes of crime and bloodshed at the hands of “crazed gunmen”? All we ever hear about are the terrible and criminal uses of firearms – school shootings, gunmen clipping off innocent bystanders one by one in a mall or a neighborhood, or gangs who murder and plunder with guns.

Why aren’t we being given a clear picture of the use and importance of firearms in America? Why aren’t we hearing the real stories from the media – like the 83-year-old woman who shot a would-be rapist in her home. Or the woman who was raped, then given a rifle by a friend, and when the rapist RETURNED to her home she was able to defend herself and killed the rapist. Or about the female convenience store employee that was able to save her fellow co-workers from abominable acts at the hand of a robber by grabbing for the gun, and shot him. Or when a concealed-carry permit holder was able to thwart a massive shootout between police and a liquor store robber because he was willing to draw his gun and shoot the body-armored gunman squarely in the skull. Violent crime rates have fallen dramatically in right-to-carry states.

My Thoughts:
The way the media portrays guns as only evil only gives one side of the picture. Just as using a car presents risks and rewards, owning a gun also has risks and rewards. Nearly everyone agrees that the utility of a car outweighs the risk you take when you get behind the wheel.

The problem with guns is that the media and politicians only show one side of the picture. When proper education and preparation are used, the odds of an “accident” occurring is pretty minimal. One must weigh this with the possibility of a criminal who wants to inflict harm against you or someone you love. I recently read that 1 in 4 Americans will be held up at some time in their lives. Obviously depending on where you live and the places you go that percentage may be slightly higher or lower, but the fact is that this world is a dangerous place. Look at all the church shootings that have happened recently. Whether you like it or not, it could happen to you.

Now I’m not suggesting that if you go buy a gun and set it on your nightstand all will be fine. You have to educate yourself, learn how it works, and learn how to shoot it. You also need to practice with it. However, if you become proficient with and educated about guns, I think that the benefits outweigh the risks. In this respect, they are very similar to cars. If you have no idea how to drive a car and go out on the highway at 80 mph, your risks are very similar to having a gun that you have no idea how to use. Education is the key.

Why This Woman Carries a Firearm

I carry a firearm because I am a mother (or an aunt, grandmother, sister)—a calling which I take very seriously. As a mother I have no other more critical responsibility than to take care of myself AND those entrusted in my care.

Should something threaten to eliminate me from this earth and my influence upon my children, or threaten to remove them from my arms of love, I am sufficiently armed and adept to ensure this does not happen. If some harm does come to my children, it will not be because I could not overcome my own fears or foolish prejudices. I cannot stop everything awful from happening to them, but I can ensure that I am the best prepared to stop most. Only then are my hands clean before my Maker, knowing that I truly did my best to protect them. In doing so, not only do I raise my children well, but I give them a chance to do the same with their own families.

My Thoughts:
I think this applies to both women and men. If you have people around you that you care about, shouldn’t you want to do everything possible to protect them from the criminals and crazy people of the world?

Favorite member of my collection: Russian Mosin Nagant bolt-action rifle from 1943. Not really useful in any self-defense situations, but it is definitely fun to shoot.

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