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Why the Rich Get Richer

March 10th, 2009

You want to know why the rich get richer? It is because they work hard. It is because they have worked hard. It is because they are smart. It isn’t because everything is stacked in their favor, no matter how much you want to believe that.

Here is an excerpt from a post called 3 Reasons Why the Rich Continue to Get Richer by a 14 year old blogger that understands the world better than most adults:

One of the growing concerns of middle class families everywhere is why they are stuck in the same income zone, while the rich, or the upper class, continue to move up. Over time, this has been labeled a “problem” by politicians, and while it very honestly isn’t, many of them are using this to promote contempt towards the rich. They want people to believe that most of these people don’t deserve to be richer, which is exactly the opposite of what I believe.

His final reason that the rich get richer is because they make their own decisions. They don’t rely on the media to tell them what to think. The don’t rely on some government stimulus package filled with pork to save them. They don’t worry about getting “Hope and Change” from Obama. They don’t need his hope flavored sprinkles. They make their own using hard work.

That is something that is foreign to a lot of Obama supporters. Not all mind you, many of them work hard. However, far too many think that the government is supposed to be everything for everybody. That is not the government’s job. The government just needs to stay out of my way so that they don’t hold me back as I try to be successful. I don’t need their help, and I certainly don’t want them to take hard earned money from somebody else to give to me. That is not the American Dream. That is the American Nightmare. Somebody please wake me up.

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