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(Part 1: ‘Gun Show Loophole’)

Why The Obama Administration Doesn’t Have A Clue About Guns

(Part 1: ‘Gun Show Loophole’)

January 30th, 2009

As Barack Obama begins his presidency gun enthusiasts are paying close attention to the actions of our new President. People like to dabble in conjecture regarding the ways in which the Obama administration will try to inhibit gun owners. However, we don’t have to guess because our new President and his administration have made their goals clear. We can look at the new White House website and find their proposed policies on gun control; they want to remove the ‘gun show loophole’, make guns ‘child proof’, and make the federal Assault Weapons Ban permanent. The problem, however, is that these things will be ineffective in doing what the lawmakers want, will further trample our Second Amendment rights, and worst of all further thrash the rights of individual states to create laws that best fit their unique citizenry.

The ‘gun show loophole’ is a good place to start. Each state has it’s own very specific laws that dictate how and to whom a firearm may be sold. The ‘gun show loop hole’ refers to the ability for people to meet at local gun shows in their communities and sell firearms directly to other attendees without first conducting a background check.

Federal lawmakers hope to modify modify existing laws to make this type of transaction illegal in the hope that this will reduce access to gun’s by criminals. I’ve got bad news for the democrats. It’s not the laws that are the problem - but rather that a few people that disregard the laws, specifically when it comes to who you can sell a gun to. Given the vast majority of legal guns used in crimes come from a few ’shady shops’ tightening laws that allow people to sell guns face to face without performing background checks isn’t going to stop the flow of guns into criminal hands. Besides, these guns are bought by third parties with no criminal record; girlfriends, wives, siblings, associates (not everyone in the ‘crew’ has been to jail).

What’s worse, however, is that passing laws that restrict the way people handle firearms will always make it easier for our Second Amendment rights to be completely thrown away. If we were to go from our current laws on the private sell of guns directly to the idea that the private sale of guns was completely illegal we would be outraged. If, however, we are transitioned to a law like this over time, with small incremental steps in the middle, none would be the wiser. Tomorrow we lose our right to conduct private transactions of firearms without performing background checks and perhaps 10 years from now we must perform a background check on the  buyer and their immediate family… you know how it goes from here.

The very fact that people, mostly democrats, insist on calling the right of the citizens of some states to make these sales a ‘gun show loop hole’ is a misnomer. It is also evidence that these people have no respect for the legislatures within these states nor the rights of states to create their own laws. A ‘loophole’ implies that somehow the legislature didn’t mean for people to be able to engage in this type of transaction; it implies that it is an accident. This is patently absurd. Despite all their failings our law makers do actually know how to pass laws, especially ones that will get them re-elected. If our state legislatures thought for one moment that removing this ‘loophole’ would gain them the favor of the constituency the laws would have been changed ages ago.

The truth of the matter is that each state should create laws for their citizens. If you don’t support these laws in your community you should do your best to see a representative that agrees with you elected or leave that community. It’s fine with me if your state wants to remove this legitimate right of gun owners - just don’t drag my state down. Thank God in the great state of Tennessee we can carry concealed weapons, own assault weapons, and even own automatic weapons.

In the next article in this series I argue against child proofing guns.

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