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Why Government Run Healthcare Should Make You Nervous

March 20th, 2012

120/365 ALet’s get a few things straight off the bat. Whether you think the new federal healthcare regulations rolling out over the next few years are good or bad it’s important to recognize these regulations have, thankfully, fallen short of a true government administered healthcare program. However, to see what a public healthcare option administered by the U.S federal government could be like we don’t need to look to all of the foreign countries that invariably arise in these discussions. We have an excellent example right here at home;├é┬áThe U.S. Medicaid program.

A family I know on medicaid recently had a scare. Six weeks ago the father, we’ll call him Todd, experienced something doctors diagnosed as a stroke. Todd spent the last 6 weeks dealing with a litany of paperwork and├é┬ábureaucracy├é┬áin order to justify the doctor ordered MRI he still hadn’t been able to├é┬áreceive.├é┬áToday Todd woke up without his vision. Thanks to an emergency MRI a large mass pressing his brain to one side was discovered and emergency surgery is imminent. The unfortunate part is this could have been caught 6 weeks ago, before the mass had grown to it’s current size.

That’s the real danger of a government administered healthcare program. They may just let you sit around and die while some├é┬ábureaucrat├é┬ámakes sure his t’s are crossed and i’s dotted. He’ll need to make sure you’ve filled out the correct Form HXY-223 and not the nearly identical Form HXZ-234.

If some people want to trust the government with their health needs I might be able to support that. We can institute an optional plan and I can have a tax credit for not participating. I’m on board for whatever these overly-trusting folks have in mind, so long as I get to keep using my Blue Cross Blue Shield card when I go to the hospital. Insurance is unreasonably complicated, no one can figure out the black magic that goes into hospital bills, but├é┬áat least├é┬ámy insurance company isn’t letting me lay around and die while they muddle through paperwork. They usually save the paperwork muddling portion of the experience for afterwords.

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  1. March 21st, 2012 at 12:20 | #1

    Sadly some of this happens with our current insurance plans as well, though not nearly to the extent it does with the government.