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Why Do Obama And Bush Get Different Responses For The Same Actions?

February 26th, 2009

The truth: Obama is doing a few things right. I know it’s unusual to hear a conservative say those words, however we should be hearing this far more often from conservatives.  I know some of my conservative readers may be surprised to hear this from me, especially given the criticism he usually gets at GeekPolitics, but this is only because they don’t realize how many of Bush’s policies Obama approves of, has claimed as his own, and will be enacting during his presidency.  Let’s start this article with a clip covering Obama’s inauguration day speech from America’s top news source - The Daily Show.

The Iraq War

Obama’s position on the war in Iraq, and the time table he touted during the elections have so far failed to materialize and I’m not the only one noticing. Even Keith Olberman, Liberal Stooge, is criticizing Obama and pointing out that Obama’s plan for the draw down of forces in Iraq is almost identical to Bush’s plan. Why did Obama steer his plan this direction? Because, it’s a good plan for this stage of the game. We can criticize the Bush administration’s entering of the war but leaving the region suddenly, while it is still in a destabilized state, will only hurt the people in the region. This reminds me of a quote form Charlie Wilson, the man responsible for the funding of the Afghans to fight communist Russia, found at the end of the movie “Charlie Wilson’s War”

“These things happened. They were glorious and they changed the world. Then we fucked up the endgame.”

Obama and Bush Keep Bailing Everyone Out!

It’s interesting to watch he media’s portrayal of the government funded bailouts for various industries change now that Obama is in office. When Bush moved in to bailout the banking industry the media told us how awful it was. The media told us that Bush would be paying for the bonus’ of rich banking executives and people were furious that Bush would give so much money away to undeserving fat cats who were guilty of running their respective companies poorly.

Obama is in office now and he is ready to spend a lot more money on bailouts and stimulus according to his state of the union address but no one is complaining about this money. If we listen to the media now we hear about how necessary another large bailout of the auto industry is because we can’t afford to allow thousands of Americans to lose their jobs. This, of course, is a perfect argument… after all it’s not like thousands of people would lose their jobs if the banking industry failed.

This is made even more humorous by the fact that Time Magazine published an editorial recently arguing that the Media needed, and deserved, a bailout. It’s a good thing we can always count on the media to be objective, they wouldn’t lie to us, right?

The are more similarities than I have time to discuss right now, ranging from how to treat War on Terror detainees to FISA, education policy, and abstinence. As long as the politicians can keep the right and the left at each other’s throats no one will be able to tell that they are all the same corrupt people.

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