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Where have our leaders gone?

October 15th, 2008

Where are George Washington and Abraham Lincoln when we are in need of a good leader? Does anyone really believe that Barack Obama or John McCain can compare? Our leaders are supposed to inspire confidence in us. Leaders are put in place to calm our fears. They are supposed to stop people from panicking. Do we have any leaders today that will take a place next to Lincoln in history? From Nancy Pelosi to Harry Reid, George W. Bush or John McCain, Henry Paulson and Barack Obama, will any those names go down in history as “Leaders?” I think it is more likely that will be remembered as people who had power. They are people that were elected to lead, but for the most part they are not leaders.

We are in the middle of a financial “crisis.” I know this because every newspaper, website, and newscast in America has been telling me this. Each and every day I hear about how bad the economy is. These media outlets give me the play-by-play each time one of our so-called leaders decides to make a speech. A few weeks, ago Paulson and Bush decided that banks needed a bailout. The credit markets were freezing up because banks had stopped lending money like they used to. To drum up support for this wonderful plan Bush went on TV to tell people that the sky was falling. McCain suspended his campaign to bring everyone together. That was seen mostly as a stunt, and it backfired when the terrible bill they designed got shot down. Obama felt that this was all an annoyance; he was too busy campaigning to actually consider doing his job. All of these great leaders succeeded at one thing, making America panic.

The crisis was not so bad that everyone needed to panic. Anyone who runs their business with sound fundamentals such as having cash around would have no problem. If a business is using credit to pay its employees as has been suggested many times throughout this debacle, they are doing it wrong. Many economists and sound financial advisers came up with much better ways to solve the “crisis” than a $700 billion bailout. Thankfully, America responded to this stupidity. We flooded our congressmen with calls and e-mails telling them that we didn’t want this bailout. Many of Dave Ramsey’s listeners showed them a better way was possible. We told them that suspending mark to market accounting would help the banks balance sheets. We told them to insure the loans instead of buying them. That would create an instant market for them. We asked them to suspend the capital gains tax for a brief period. This would put a lot of new money to work in the markets and inspire confidence in investors. These simple steps would not take us closer to socialism, but they would have fixed our problem.

Our representatives listened to us by blocking the bill. Unfortunately, instead of redesigning the bill to incorporate things that actually made sense, our wonderful senators greased up the socialist bill with pork. They couldn’t pass the bailout on its own merits, and instead of fixing it, they decided to add in a “pet project” for any house member that wanted one. They added $150 billion in pork barrel spending to appease enough representatives to pass the bill. It worked; what great leaders we are blessed with. The bill easily passed the senate and the house the second time around. Bush promptly signed it into law. So what have Pelosi, Reid, Bush and Paulson given us? They have given us a step down the slippery slope of socialism. Am I saying that America is suddenly going to be the worst place in the world tomorrow? Are we on the road to communism? No, but I am saying that we are heading in the wrong direction. We are headed down the wrong path.

We need leaders who will stand up when America tells them we are headed in the wrong direction. We don’t need a leader who thinks his campaign is more important than his service to our country. We also don’t need a leader who isn’t strong enough to stand up against a bill he and his party knows is wrong. McCain missed his chance to show America he is a real maverick when he didn’t stand against the bill with the house republicans. Obama continued to show that he cares nothing about our country, only about being our country’s president. I will make a decision between the lesser of two evils, but I really wish I could cast a vote for Washington or Lincoln. Don’t let anyone make you believe either of these candidates can compare.