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Thoughts About the Automakers From Around the Conservative Blogosphere

December 18th, 2008

Over the past few weeks we’ve shared plenty of opinions on the big three, bailouts, foreign carmakers, and bankruptcies, but today I thought I’d share some opinions from some of our friends around the blogosphere.

American Princess says:

Let me be clear. I am from Michigan and I know that not passing some sort of assistance for the auto industry basically dooms the state to failure. That’s the way the cookie crumbles. The auto industry and, possibly more importantly, the labor unions long ago signed Michigan’s death warrant, and if you think about it, Michigan signed its own death warrant by refusing to adapt to the changing economic times by instituting sensible economic reform and the right-to-work option. Jobs went, not just to other countries, they went to other states. Toyota and Nissan built brand new factories that employ hundreds of people in North Carolina, Tennessee and elsewhere where they weren’t required to pay an unskilled worker $40 an hour.

Kirk Petersen quotes an article from 1983:

Under the Wagner Act, management manages. What the union does is complain, and negotiate for a rule limiting management’s right to do what the union doesn’t like. A worker protests that his job should be classified as “drilling special and heavy” instead of “drilling general.” The parties butt heads, a decision is reached, and a new rule is deposited like another layer of sediment. At some GM plants, distinct job categories evolved for each spot on the assembly line (e.g., “headlining installer”). In Japanese auto plants, where they spend their time building cars instead of creating job categories, there is only one nonsupervisory job classification: “production.”

Stephen Kruiser from Fort Hard Knox said:

The auto industry’s problems go way beyond the current financial crisis. Plagued by greedy, strong-arm unions and greedy, weak willed execs who are so shortsighted they can’t see beyond lunch, it’s been snowballing towards oblivion for some time. The snowball just happens to be hitting peak speed right now. If it finds a way to hold off until January it will receive Federal Failure Reward package, courtesy of Chris Dodd (D-The Titanic) and the new president.

Andrew Riley from All American Blogger says:

Flying in private jets to ask the American people for bailout money is nothing more than an example of the systemic problem the automakers are dealing with. These companies need to go bankrupt. And then the stockholders need to demand these dimwits get tossed out of their private jets - without golden parachutes. It’s time to bring in some new executives, with a little basic knowledge of economics, and get these ailing companies back on track.

Conservative Oasis adds:

Still, I am going to stay on the point that I think is the most important here: the Union’s need to make MAJOR concessions for the auto industry to succeed. They and their members need to lower their negotiated wages to better reflect what the “world” is willing to do the work for. Anything short of that will be nothing but a postponing of the failure of the industry, as it is currently structured.

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