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Why We Keep Losing Jobs

January 14th, 2010

There are several reasons for the continued job losses, and the economy isn’t the main one. This is from an article on CNBC, “A potential wave of new regulation and higher taxes may be scaring many businesses from hiring, prolonging any rebound in employment, say business groups and economists.”

Maybe if our congress would stop spending and taxing everything they can think of we could actually create some jobs. As noted by the 10.6 billion in revenue Intel had this quarter, the economy really isn’t that bad. Apparently somebody spent some money last quarter. Unfortunately, Congress and the White House think the answer to everything is to spend more money. The house just proposed spending 2.3 billion to create 17000 jobs. If you do the math that is $135,000 per job. That doesn’t seem to be a very good return if you ask me.

Between universal healthcare, carbon emissions, and random taxes just because they can, business owners don’t know what kind of costs they are going to have in the future.
“If these companies are in good enough shape to afford massive bonuses, they are surely in good enough shape to afford paying back every penny to taxpayers,” Obama said about the banks. Wait a minute, the banks did pay back the TARP money plus interest. GM and Chrysler haven’t paid them back, but they are excluded from this tax. What in the world is this other than favoritism for Obama’s unions. Remove the uncertainty and you will get your jobs. There is no need to continue wasting billions and trillions of dollars trying to help the economy. The only thing it is doing is creating a debt that we cannot repay, a debt that is going to ruin us.

Another problem we have is the constant extension of unemployment benefits. I am really sorry if you have lost your job, but there is no reason for unemployment benefits to last a year. The only thing this does is give people a reason not to go back to work. Our current unemployment is about 10%, but the real unemployment is closer to 17%. The difference between those numbers? The extra 7% aren’t looking for a job. That isn’t being discouraged, that is being lazy. If I can’t pay my mortgage and feed my family, you can be sure that I won’t stop looking for a job. This is the product of government handouts.

Let me know if you wish Washington would remove the uncertainty and get out of the way so this recovery can have a chance.

Senate Republicans Help Make The Health Care Bill A Bit More Palatable.

July 28th, 2009

According to the New York Times three Senate Republicans: Michael B. Enzi of Wyoming, Charles E. Grassley of Iowa and Olympia J. Snowe of Maine, are working together with the Democrats to help construct a version of the Health Care Bill that would provide health insurance to more of the uninsured people in America while removing some of the most distasteful portions of the Senate and House Democrat Bills. Here are the highlights:

  • Remove the “government-run insurance plan that would compete with private insurers”
  • The modified plan would not be paid for by a surtax on high earners.
  • Employers would not be required to provide health insurance for workers.

This committee is continuing to work together and I for one am glad to see some serious bipartisan efforts being made in regards to this impending health care legislation. I can’t wait to see what finally comes out of this group of lawmakers. Hopefully, their bill will be the one that is finally adopted… After all, of the choices presented so far their sounds like the least distasteful.

“Free” Health Care and Higher Taxes

June 19th, 2009

You think health care is expensive now? Just wait until it’s free. This wonderful bit from yahoo gives you an idea of what is on the way:

Across the Capitol, Democrats on the House Ways and Means Committee privately circulated a list of possible tax increases to pay for expanded health care.

They ranged from raising the Medicare tax, slapping a 10-cents-per-can increase on sweetened drinks, raising the alcohol tax, imposing a new payroll tax on employers equal to 3 percent of their health care expenditures and taxing employer-provided health insurance benefits above certain levels.

Also under consideration was a value added tax, a sort of national sales tax, of up to 1.5 percent or more, with housing, education, financial services and medical care potentially exempt.

House Democrats were expected to unveil an outline of their own to expand health coverage on Friday, although several officials said they did not plan to include mention of the tax increases under consideration.

So, what happened to not raising any taxes on 95% of Americans? I don’t really have much to say that I haven’t already said, so I’ll leave you with a few past articles and let you add your thoughts on this scary proposition that is coming at us fast.

The Health Insurance Problem

2700 Emergency Room Visits by 9 People - This is what is going to happen with “free” healthcare by the way.

Unintended Consequences Congress Doesn’t See Coming

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9 Patients, 6 Years, 2700 Emergency Room Visits

April 2nd, 2009

Want to know why universal health insurance won’t work? It is because people will abuse it. They will abuse it all the time.

Yahoo had an article today with some mind boggling stats from emergency rooms around Austin Texas.

Just nine people accounted for nearly 2,700 of the emergency room visits in the Austin area during the past six years at a cost of $3 million to taxpayers and others, according to a report. The patients went to hospital emergency rooms 2,678 times from 2003 through 2008, said the report from the nonprofit Integrated Care Collaboration, a group of health care providers who care for low-income and uninsured patients.

The average emergency room visit costs $1,000. Hospitals and taxpayers paid the bill through government programs such as Medicare and Medicaid, Kitchen said.

Eight of the nine patients have drug abuse problems, seven were diagnosed with mental health issues and three were homeless.

Ok, let’s do some math. 2678 visits / 9 people = 297.5 visits each. 6 years X 365 days = 2190 days. 2190 days / 297.5 visits = 7.36 days between visits. These people went to the ER an average of once a week for six straight years. You and I paid 3 million dollars in taxes so that 9 hypochondriac drug addicts could waste the time of hospital employees who could have been treating people who actually needed it.

Everybody think about this for a minute and then tell me how well you think universal health care is going to work.

The Health Insurance Problem

January 13th, 2009

Health insurance is expensive. Really expensive. Why is this? There are many problems with the system, but I am going to try and point out a few of the flaws and maybe a solution (at least partial anyway).

All American Blogger has a few ideas why government run health care will fail. Duane shares this quote is from Democrat Missouri State Representative Steve Hodges who thinks that infertility treatment should be covered by health insurance:

We spend millions upon millions of dollars trying to assist people, even in terminal situations with cancer, with a lot of different things,” said the bill’s sponsor, Rep. Steve Hodges, D-East Prairie. “To me, this is a very positive medical procedure. Nothing but good things could come out of it, and I know everything has its cost, whether it’s good or bad.

This is part of the reason why health insurance is so expensive. Policy makers around the country keep adding things to be covered that simply don’t need to be in every policy.
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2 Ways to Solve the Illegal Immigration Problem

November 21st, 2008

The problem with illegal immigrants is not that they are here using our resources. The problem is that they are using our resources without contributing anything. America as a country was completely built on immigrants. There is nothing wrong with the idea of immigration. The problem comes when people do it illegally. They use our hospitals and our schools without paying taxes or getting health insurance. Now for the surprise, we should continue to let them use our hospitals and schools. That is not only the best option, it is the only option if we are going to be the country we say we are. If we are to be that shining city on a hill, we have to treat everyone as we would want to be treated. That means providing health care when it is needed and education for everyone.
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