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Send Tabitha to Haiti

February 17th, 2010

If you’ve watched the news much recently you’ve seen some heartbreaking things in Haiti after the devastating earthquake hit last month. One of our fellow conservative bloggers, Tabitha Hale, or @pinkelephantpun in Twitter, has the opportunity to go to Haiti with Joy in Hope Ministries next month.

They are sending in their first team since the quake the first week of March, and I’ve been asked to go down to Jacmel with them. We will be passing out supplies in the refugee camp, working in an orphanage that has been bombarded with babies since the quake, feeding people, and hopefully rebuilding the home of a Joy in Hope employee. It’s going to be brutal, and as many photos as we’ve seen and first hand accounts as we have heard, nothing can prepare us for what we might see.

Anyways, she needs to raise some money to be able to go and is short on time. If you’ve been thinking of giving to Haiti and haven’t yet, this would be a good opportunity to do so. You can donate at her site or send a check in the mail. The address is on her page. Good luck Tabitha!

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