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Review of The Revolution: A Manifesto by Ron Paul

January 25th, 2009

Ron Paul exceeded my expectations in The Revolution: A Manifesto. In it he covers a wide range of important topics that our country is currently facing including an assault on our Constitution, the foreign policy of our Founding Fathers, civil liberties, monetary policy, and economic freedom.

Ron Paul effectively argues for freedom and liberty throughout the book. In the preface he states:

There is an alternative to national bankruptcy, a bigger police state, trillion-dollar wars, and a government that draws ever more parasitically on the productive energies of the American people. It’s called freedom.

That pretty much sums up the message of the book. He shows that freedom and liberty is not something to be taken lightly, but it is something that we must fight for. Freedoms and liberties are things that the Founding Fathers wanted us to have, but we continue let them be chipped away. With each passing bailout and each new country we send troops to, we get closer to ruining the dollar.

He shows that he isn’t a crazy isolationist as his opponents and many in the media would have had you believe, but rather he is a non-interventionist. He has no desire for us to have our military in so many countries all around the world. It is costing us incredible amounts of money and it is doing very little to increase our national security. He has no problem with the United States responding to genuine threats with military force; he does however have a problem with sacrificing freedom, liberty, and prosperity to expand our vast overseas empire.

This non-interventionist thinking is not new. Paul shows that many of our Founding Fathers had very similar views. Thomas Jefferson in his first inaugural address said, “peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations, entangling alliances with none.” John Quincy Adams said that “[America] goes not abroad in search of monsters to destroy.” Henry Clay added, “Thus we should strive to lead by example rather than force, and provide a model for the world that other peoples will wish to follow. We do no one any good by bankrupting ourselves.” Very prophetic if you ask me.

Our empire around the world costs about a trillion dollars a year to maintain. It seems to me we could use that here on some of the 10 trillion dollars in debt we have. America is currently spending 1.4 billion dollars a day on interest on that debt. That is where many of your tax dollars are going.

Ron Paul also discusses the massive debt and entitlement programs that weigh down our country. He notes, “With a $9 trillion debt, perhaps $50 trillion in entitlement liabilities, and the dollar in free fall, how much longer can we afford this unnecessary and counterproductive extravagance” in reference to our current military spending. Note that the national debt has passed $10 trillion since the book was published. Really though, $50 trillion dollars on the Ponzi schemes that are social security and medicare. They were not designed as such, but that is basically what they have turned into at this point.

Congressman Paul also spends a lot of time discussing the Constitution and how it applies today, even if our leaders don’t want it to. He gives many specific examples of our government ignoring and violating the constitution. From military conscription, to abortion, to foreign policy, to state’s rights, Dr. Paul eloquently argues in defense of the Constitution. Many problems we have today have been caused because we ignored the Constitution and it’s core principles for too long.

As he concluded his section on the Constitution, he added this:

If our government were scrupulously faithful to the Constitution, we would not need to be especially concerned when a person who represents a philosophy different from our own takes political office. Our Constitution delegates relatively few tasks to the federal government, so it should almost be a matter of indifference who is elected.

Unfortunately that is not the case. Paul goes on to say that the Constitution, while not perfect, is a good definition of the limits and scope of government. Bending and interpreting it in such a way as to allow the government to do as it pleases is something that is done with a high cost. We are paying it in many different ways.

Ron Paul also exposes much of the joke that is our current economic policy. He gives a great argument against the way our government has recently (the last 80 years or so) been causing rampant inflation, completely devaluing the dollar. Our Founding Fathers never intended for the government to issues “bills of credit” but for us to have a dollar that was actually worth something, i.e. gold and silver. Lately, our government has been particularly guilty of simply printing money. Each time they print more money it devalues the money in your wallet.

Paul finishes with a blueprint for “The Revolution.” He lays the groundwork for things that we can do to get our freedom and liberties back. He shows what needs to be done, and what could be accomplished if we work together to take back our nation.

I must say that I really enjoyed this book. As a student of history, I really liked the way he brought together knowledge from the Founding Fathers and the Constitution to show how to fix the real problems we are facing today. He also tells a lot of secrets that many people probably wish were left untold. All in all, this is a great book for any student of history, anybody who is interested in Ron Paul and his ideas, and anybody who wants to keep the freedoms and liberties we have and take back the ones we’ve lost. I hope that you enjoy The Revolution: A Manifesto(aff) as much as I did.

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  1. January 26th, 2009 at 23:06 | #1

    Is there ever any doubt? I mean, it’s obvious that Ron Paul is the “Champion of the Constitution.”

    I wish the people of America would wake up and understand what’s going on around them - thank goodness for Ron Paul!

    chuckypita’s last blog post..USA Government Economic Stimulus Plan by Homer Simpson

  2. NKfromNC
    September 22nd, 2009 at 10:28 | #2

    Notice that there are NEVER mainstream Economists who believe Mr Paul’s fantasies…Particularly that it would be impossible to control inflation without a central bank, that pegging our money to gold would only expose it to a different kind of speculation, and that many types of markets function poorly without regulation or intervention.