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Punishing Lieberman?

November 9th, 2008

Harry Reid, the majority leader in the Senate, is talking about punishing Joe Lieberman for supporting John McCain for president. He is talking about stripping him of his leadership positions, such as chairman of the Homeland Security committee. This is the most ridiculous thing I have heard in a long time. Joe Lieberman is a center-left democrat and he has been a leader in the Senate for a long time. He was the 2000 vice-presidential candidate with Al Gore. He has been friends with John McCain for a long time, and frankly, his beliefs are more closely aligned with McCain than they are with Obama. McCain is center-right; Obama is far-left.  I thought that it was a wonderful display of somebody actually doing what they thought was right, rather than supporting someone based solely on the party that they belong to.

So we finally have a leader that is willing to really step across party lines to do what they thought was right. What does he get for it? Talk of punishment. Talk of stripping him from his leadership roles in the senate. Talk of not letting him caucus with the democrats. This is the type of partisan BS that I absolutely hate about politics. Everyone talks about unity, “reaching across the aisle,” and bi-partisan solutions. It’s all complete and utter BS.  Harry doesn’t have any intentions to reach across any aisle. He is showing that he doesn’t care about the good of our country, only political payback. He has his majority, and he is just going to use it to push his agenda.  In fact, he has enough of a majority now that he doesn’t even need the independent Lieberman.

Barack Obama being president doesn’t scare me. In fact, I am hopeful that his speaking and leadership skills will be able to inspire our nation. The thing that scares me is the Pelosi-Reid controlled congress that Obama will not keep in check.  They now have big majorities in both houses and the things that they plan to do scare me. I wanted McCain to win as a check against Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. Our government was set up as a system of checks and balances.  The legislature, courts, and president are supposed to keep each other in check. With Pelosi, Reid, and Obama in power, I feel we have lost any semblance of balance. Talking about punishing someone for supporting a different candidate for president scares me. That is not the type of thing that will unite our country. That is not something that America was built on.  That is not something our Founding Fathers would have wanted to happen. It is a complete joke.