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Obama Gets Tough On Fuel Economy… To Get Re-Elected

The news world was buzzing today with the information that President Obama would be toughening up on fuel emissions and vehicle mileage requirements. I’m not one to support government regulation of business, but I understand this. In fact, most republicans understand this. It isn’t new - the plans were already put in place by President Bush. Obama, however, has, as usual, taken something that almost every American supported and turned it into something slimy and grotesque.

Whats New?

Obama has increased the fuel economy required in new vehicles by 2016 to 35 mpg. More importantly, however, is the addition of the CO2 emissions guidelines, something the federal government has never regulated before, hopefully they won’t spread the regulation of CO2 emissions to other items… I’m a big guy and sometimes I find myself out of breadth and breathing pretty hard.. I wouldn’t want to hold my breadth for fear that I may emit to much CO2 for the massive number of trees to handle.

The Dems Keep California In The Bag

All of this, however, is to ‘help automakers’ by establishing a single federal guideline. In reality, according to even the most liberal news source, these changes are all about appeasing the California Air Resources Board that has badgered the federal government endlessly to make their regulations apply across the board. I suspect this action should net Obama and all the liberals a substantial amount of money and quite a bit of votes during the next election cycle.

  1. May 19th, 2009 at 08:21 | #1

    You’ve nothing to worry about. The amount of CO2 that you exhale in a day does not come close to the amount that your car does when you’re driving. Besides, the kind you exhale is far cleaner than the kind that a car emits. The car adds other toxins that make things even worse.

  2. May 19th, 2009 at 09:07 | #2

    If thats the case we should be limiting those ‘toxins’ which no one seems to talk about. All anyone is talking about is CO2 which is not really a very big problem - the trees can handle CO2. So then, what are these toxins and why not regulate them directly if they are so bad?