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Money For Minority Broadcasters? What A Joke!

July 15th, 2009

On Monday the various organizations representing minority broadcasters came together to ask for bailout money “akin to that given to the banking and auto industry”. I was so blown away at this that I had come up with an angry post to write, but I decided this would do better in list form. All the reasons not to bailout minority broadcasters.

  1. Being a minority does not make these businesses more deserving than any other broadcaster.
  2. Minority broadcasters struggle more than others because they have a narrow slice of the potential viewership, appeal to the mainstream and you can get money.
  3. Propping up minority businesses by virtue of their being minorities ultimately hurts the black community more than anything else, affirmative action is the worst thing to happen to black America since slavery. For an in depth explanation of this one ask in the comments and you shall receive.
  4. The Banking and Auto industry, while I disagree with bailing them out, catered to the entire population, not a 15% sliver.
  5. These broadcasters claim they can’t attract advertisers. You don’t deserve to be bailed out if advertisers want more bang for their buck… make you product more attractive.
  6. Minority broadcasters are not unique, the entire broadcasting industry has been struggling for a long while now. The iPod killed the radio star.
  7. These broadcasters have no strategy. If we bail them out today how do they make money in the future?
  8. More to Come…
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  1. Peter
    July 15th, 2009 at 07:35 | #1

    Agreeded with all points above. At least the banking and auto industry has some chance at making money and they had a business plan. They say we would be losing a vital part of the culture in the US I believe. Well if no one is watching them now, hence the lack of demand to advertise on their stations then who is going to force people to watch later so they can make money. Will we have a mandate that requires each person to watch 10 min of cultural television or listen to radio each day? Cause that will be next after the healthcare manadate for all which is another post.

  2. July 15th, 2009 at 11:46 | #2

    Doesn’t the porn industry want a bailout too? They cater to the entire population :)