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Kennedy’s, Abortion, and Catholicism - What Changed?

January 2nd, 2009

Uncle Seth from Political Vindication shares some interesting insights about the Kennedy’s, Catholicism, and abortion.

He quotes this from Anne Hendershott in the Wall Street Journal:

Even Ted Kennedy, who gets a 100% pro-choice rating from the abortion-rights group Naral, was at one time pro-life. In fact, in 1971, a full year after New York had legalized abortion, the Massachusetts senator was still championing the rights of the unborn. In a letter to a constituent dated Aug. 3, 1971, he wrote: “When history looks back to this era it should recognize this generation as one which cared about human beings enough to halt the practice of war, to provide a decent living for every family, and to fulfill its responsibility to its children from the very moment of conception.”

I find it very interesting that Teddy was once pro-life, I hadn’t known that. Too bad he changed his stance to align with his party. Now he supports the Freedom of Choice Act. He apparently chose his politics over his faith.

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