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Isn?t That What We are Fighting For?

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When it comes to the rights that we have as citizens in the United States it is a given that there are some things we have at birth. We have the right to free speech, we have the right to own firearms, we have the right to have freedom of the press, and we have the right to not have unlawful search and seizure, among other things. The trouble is, this list seems to be somewhat changing and it would appear that as time goes on we are becoming more and more under the watchful eye and control of the U.S. government.

Although this may sound a little paranoid it is important to know that there is reason to be concerned. This is not about political affiliation or party lines, it is about the fact that we are loosing our say, and there doesn’t seem to be much we can do about it.

There are some people who are constantly concerned that they are going to go into their gun safes and find that they are empty, confiscated by the government. This may or may not be possible, but the reality is there are plenty of things that seem to be leading us into that direction and there doesn’t seem to be anyone putting a stop to it.

Although right now you may have your to. Where do we draw the line and say, enough is enough?

One of the most challenging topics to get presidential candidates to talk about is war. Although it is not a correctly republican stance, it is becoming more common to hear people’s concern that the greatest anti terrorism act that we can have is to stop the wars creating the terrorists. There may be some truth in this, but beyond this there is a more fundamental concern that may not have been initially addressed.

When you begin a war one of the first things that you have to do is to establish the victory conditions. This is essentially plotting out a destination on a road map so that you know what it will take to get there, and what it will look like once you do. What are the victory conditions on a war on terror? What will it look like once we win? Can we win a war on terror? Make no mistake; we can go a long ways for a long time and kill a whole lot of “bad guys” but at the end of the day what will it mean to have won?

This is in no way an attempt to undermine what the United States is doing, but if we are going to use a war to continuously strip away our rights as citizens we need to have a clearly defined goal. This again is not something even being talked about. It may not ever be the case that you will have people literally taking guns from your gun safes, but as we are faced with more limitations to our rights there is real reason to be concerned that some day we may not be as free as we once were. Isn’t that what we are supposed to be fighting for?

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