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Interesting Insight on Obama’s Birthplace

December 14th, 2008

I suspect that Obama is indeed a citizen, so much so that I find all of these lawsuits pretty distasteful. However, our friends at All American Blogger made this observation (emphasis theirs):

The real fun to be had with this story is not that Obama for any reason would be somehow decreed ineligible as the next President of the United States (it won’t happen) but that there apparently is no oversight at all to the election process and a candidates eligibility for that office. Wouldn’t it, and shouldn’t it, be common sense and standard practice that some official or semi-official body like the Federal Election Commission or the respective major political parties require that all candidates for President of the United States provide proof that they meet the requirements for the office as stated in the Constitution? Is that really too much to ask?

It really is interesting that there is no formal process for validating a candidate. If Arnold Schwarzenegger ran for President would they take his word for it? Apparently there is no one with the job of verifying this information so he should be just fine right - even though we all know he isn’t a natural born citizen? Hey, on the off chance Obama wasn’t born in this country maybe the Dems will pass an amendment once Obama is already in office and then Arnold CAN run in 2012, everyone loves the Terminator.

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