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Immigration Gumballs

February 11th, 2009

Special thanks to reader Keith for showing me this video on immigration. It does a great job of pointing out the effects of our current immigration policies on our current and future prosperity as a nation.

  1. October 2nd, 2009 at 23:20 | #1

    Great mini-brain vid, but people aren’t gumballs, sorry, they’re solutions not problems.

    When it comes to Mexico, which is what he’s really worried about, what would happen if 50 million gumballs moved north, and 50 million gumballs moved south, at the same time? Click the url to find out.

  2. Sonya
    December 9th, 2010 at 00:47 | #2

    What happens to compassion and understanding why people come here? What happened to looking at the wars and trauma that so many have lived through? Our immigration system only allows in high-skilled workers, and families members of citizens and some low-skilled workers. Refugees come in because they are fleeing difficult and violent situations, not because they want to take away jobs. Please look into the stories behind immigration and you will understand the difficulties they face, and hopefully you will have more compassion.