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Hope, Change, and Transparency, Yeah Right

Democrats in the House blocked the investigation of Speaker Pelosi for her recent comments saying the CIA misled Congress by a vote of 252-172.

Bipartisan? Hardly. “The most honest, most open, and most ethical Congress in history.” Right. Sure. Whatever you say hopefully soon to be former Speaker. The direction you’ve taken the country since taking power in 2006 has been a little less than wonderful. I won’t be sad to see you go, hopefully that blessed day is sooner rather than later. Unfortunately, the Democrats have blocked this attempt at the truth, but that doesn’t mean she is completely in the clear. If all else fails, we can always take back Congress in 2010.

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  1. June 19th, 2009 at 21:57 | #1

    the funny thing that I see is this.

    all spending and appropriations bills must originate in the house, so since the Democrats won a majority in 2006, all of the wars, prisons, “mal-spending” etc have been paid for by democrat backed bills.

    The house controls the purse strings. Even though the War-Powers act gives the Pres huge control over what the military does, if the house decides not to fund those actions, they stop.

    That happened in Vietnam… so ask your democratic reps (and you traitorous republican reps as well, traitorous to the republican ideal that is) why they keep funding these wars at the same time they go on tv and speak out against them.