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Holiday News Update…

December 23rd, 2008

During the holidays political news generally slows to a halt but this year there are a few things conservatives should be paying attention to.

Obama’s new transition team has begun reviewing all of President Bush’s executive orders to determine which they should over turn in their first days in office. Obama has previously stated the need to repeal many of these orders and this is well within his rights. Some bloggers have pointed out that some of the executive orders being targeted relate to abortion and may change the landscape of the abortion issue. The most interesting part of this for the libertarians among us is that Obama may end up simply reissuing his own executive orders allowing the power of the federal government, and specifically the president, to further spiral out of control.

The media has begun calling Biden the “Working Families Czar” in light of the new task force Biden will be heading up. I don’t know which is more alarming. That the media continues to use the word czar, that Obama’s administration said they would not use this word, or that the Obama administration thinks this is a necessary use of our resources. I had written a long spiel about the problems with spending tax dollars on this kind of thing but I deleted for brevity sake. Most of the readers will already know my complaints (hint, I’m a libertarian) and for those who aren’t familiar look here or here.

CNN is claiming that in their poll 63% of Americans supported the Auto Bailout. This figure may not be entirely correct but the fact that these numbers are even leaning this way should be a good indicator that fiscal conservatism is in even more trouble than we thought.

The NY Times and the White House are at odds with eachother after the NY Times tries to dump the mortgage crisis on Bush’ door step.

  1. Nathan
    December 23rd, 2008 at 11:44 | #1

    Nice, summary, T.J. I thought Clarky had written it until I got to the “I am libertarian” line; does giving the false impression of far-right conservatism qualify as bipartisan reporting? ;-)