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Conservative Book Club Review

March 22nd, 2009

The Conservative Book Club is a membership based club that gives deals on conservative books. There are some definite pros and cons to the service, and while I was not 100% impressed, I think it is still a pretty good deal.

The initial deal is that you get 3 books for 3 dollars. 1 dollar for each book and then you pay shipping. The shipping on these three books is $6.95. So for $9.95 you get 3 brand new conservative books. This is the great part of the deal.

Next, after you become a member to get this deal, you have to buy 4 books sometime in the next 2 years. That is really quite a bit of time to accomplish this, but this is obviously how they make their money. To qualify, the books have to be over $14.95. This is fine, as most of the books retail for 20-30. The problem is that this is not very prominent information on the site. I did not see it until after I joined and it was on the member page. I assumed it would be somewhere in that range, but it didn’t seem to be stated anywhere before I joined.

Also, the website left a little to be desired. After I had selected three books, I started filling out the name and address fields to checkout. After I did that, and was getting ready to checkout, I changed my mind on one of the books. I take it out, and go add the replacement. Instead of going back to where I left off, nothing was saved and I had to re-enter all my information. Small annoyance, but it is something to look out for. Decide on which three books you want before you enter your information.

After joining, you can also get some everyday great deals. They have a nice selection of conservative books in the 5-10 dollar range. Many in the area of 70% to 90%. Just remember, these don’t count towards your required purchases.

Finally, there is a bonus points program. Each book you purchase over 14.95 gets you a point. After 4 points, you get a book for $6. The required purchases don’t count towards these points, but you do start with 2 points. I guess the first 4 are worth a half point. It’s not an amazing deal, but it is another nice new cheap book.

Overall, I think the Conservative Book Club is a pretty good deal. If you like to read a lot, or if you know someone that does, this could work out nicely for you. You have 2 years to take care of the required purchases, that gives you 2 birthdays, 2 anniversary’s, and 2 Christmas’s to get 4 books. I wish the website worked a bit better and was a bit more transparent about it, but after everything is said and done it’s not a bad deal.

Check out our conservative books list for ideas and then head over and join with the link below.

conservative books

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