v'ܩ Cheney Hospitalized with Chest Pains
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Cheney Hospitalized with Chest Pains

February 22nd, 2010

Former Vice President Cheney was hospitalized today with chest pains. He is currently resting at George Washington University Hospital and will be kept overnight for observation. From CNN:

Cheney has a long history of heart problems. He has suffered four heart attacks dating to 1978, when he was 37. He had his second in 1984 and a third in 1988 before undergoing quadruple bypass surgery to unblock his arteries. His fourth heart attack happened in November 2000, after he was elected vice president. At that time, doctors inserted a stent to open an artery.

Doctors in 2001 implanted a heart monitoring device to keep track of his heart rhythm and slow it down if necessary. In 2008, he underwent a procedure to restore his heart to a normal rhythm after doctors found he was experiencing a recurrence of atrial fibrillation.

Hopefully he doesn’t have to rely on government run health care. Get well soon Mr. Vice President.

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