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Cap and Tax Bill Passes House 219-212

June 27th, 2009

The cap and trade energy bill just passed the House with only 3 hours of debate. This wonderful bill will get rid of millions of American jobs while increasing the cost of living for everyone in America. What a wonderful idea in the middle of a recession. The bill will tax businesses for carbon emmissions produced from operating their business. This means they will have to do 1 of 2 things. Either they raise prices, which hurts everyone. Or they will move their business to China, which also hurts everyone. That doesn’t help the environment, and it hurts the economy.

The cap and tax bill calls for a 17% reduction of greenhouse gases by 2020 and 80% by 2050. It is estimated that it will cost Americans $4600 a year by 2035. I have talked about the unintended consequences that this will have before, but they are pretty obvious here. It will cost American jobs and it will raise the price of energy for everybody.

In other news, the transparency offered by the Democrats is nearly unparalleled. They added 341 pages to the bill at 3 A.M. and then brought the bill up for a vote later in the afternoon. Is this the hope and change you were looking for?

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  1. Jeffrey
    June 27th, 2009 at 21:20 | #1

    This bill (along with the healthcare bill) will define Obama as worse than Jimmy Carter.

  2. June 28th, 2009 at 07:50 | #2

    That’s hard to do, but it is definitely within reach. It is scary.

  3. Peter
    June 29th, 2009 at 07:57 | #3

    An added amendment is a tariff on all goods coming from countries that do not match the US carbon reduction initiatives starting in 2020. So any country, China, that does not implement a system to reduce carbon emissions will have a tariff levied against them. This was put in to level the playing field so says the Dems. Cause if this isnt put in then steel and other manufactures would have an unfair advantage producing over seas. So they admit this is bad for biz but they instead use that as a way to force other countries to reduce carbon emissions on what in my opinion is still a very weak climate change theory.

    Other countries are 2nd guessing the climate change theory.

  4. June 29th, 2009 at 22:12 | #4

    That would potentially help a little with the job losses, but pissing off the rest of the world isn’t really a great idea either. I agree that the climate change theory is very weak and not at all a consensus among scientists. I don’t think this will turn out to be a good piece of legislation at all.

  5. July 3rd, 2009 at 23:56 | #5

    Clinton’s BTU tax made the same progress until it was killed in the Senate and the Dems lost the House in the next elections. I predict a similar fate.

  6. July 5th, 2009 at 12:34 | #6

    It won’t happen without a significant amount of help from the people out there. We need a grassroots movement to help get the word out to the uneducated voters out there. Radio commercials on all the stations where Obama voters hang would be a good start. Get the conversation started. If we can’t educate the voters before the 2010 election, the fear mongers who tell them that the republicans will take away their health care and their jobs will win the battle of public opinion.

    We really do need to help raise awareness…