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Bush Flips and Flops in Final Days

December 6th, 2008

As Bushes term winds down I had hopes he would cling to some core conservative beliefs and refuse to cooperate on the auto industry bailout. First he allowed the financial industry to be bailed out with tax payer dollars. I think this was the wrong move but I’ll admit there are good reasons for this. Then he makes a speech in November defending the free market and explain why we must allow it to work. “Great”, I think to myself, “Now this is a policy I can get behind”. Now, imagine my disgust at reading this in a recent AP article:

At the White House, Bush declared the economy was in a recession, and he urged a gridlocked Congress to act quickly on a multibillion-dollar [auto] industry bailout _ with taxpayer protections.

It is clear that Bush has no idea what he thinks on the economy or free market capitilism. He can’t even keep his story straight week to week. I should go stand on the corner near an on-ramp with a sign reading “Will Vote for True Conservatives”. Heck, I’d even work for one.

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